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Re-visited Cafe Sabarsky on the Upper East Side earlier today with a friend. We both had wanted to re-visit the cafe after we both had been there before and really enjoyed it. The cafe, located inside the Neue Galerie, this pretty rad museum specializing in early 21st century German and Austrian art. The museum is still pretty new, opening only in 2001 but I highly recommend it, and located in this really beautiful converted townhouse, with its centerpiece, a Gustav Klimt painting called “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer 1.” Cafe Sabarsky is one of the two Viennese-style cafes in the musuem, the other being Cafe Fledermaus, which I have yet to visit but would like to. (Both Sabarsky and Fledermaus serve the same food and drinks anyway aha.)

Love, love the decor in Cafe Sabarsky, which is supposed to emulate turn of the century Viennese cafes, with definitely a homey, warm, feel, yet with an understated elegance to it with the light fixtures, dark brown wood furniture, and upholstered banquettes with a cozy feel. I noticed how many patrons, including my friend and I, preferred to sit in the banquette areas which were more comfortable and offered a nice view of the Upper East Side street with its large window panels. 

The first time I was at Sabarsky I got the Sachertorte, a classic Viennese dark chocolate cake with apricot confiture with whipped cream, while my friend got an Apple Strudel that she enjoyed immensely. I should also note that Sabarsky seems to whip their own cream here :D Today, I got the Klimttorte (chocolate and hazelnute layer cake) with whipped cream while my friend got the Mozarttorte (pistachios, nougat, and chocolate cake). Admittedly, while the Klimttorte was very nice, an almost airy type of cake, I tend to like my cakes a little more heavy on the mousse side so I actually liked my friend’s Mozarttorte better and thought it was divine, so we ended up switching plates halfway aha. I also got the apple-strawberry juice which went perfectly with the cake while my friend got an espresso shot. I haven’t tried any of the savory food dishes but would like to try some next time, along with more desserts which I mainly come here for. Cafe Sabarsky can be a little on the pricey side (most entree food dishes are in the $15+ range), but the desserts and drinks are definitely worth a visit, with desserts ranging more on the $9 or $10 range. Definitely plan on coming here again sometime soon :D

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