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BEA ‘13 Roundup of what I managed to pick up today including mostly ARCs but a couple of finished copies as well :D

Fun fact, when Bloomsbury was giving out Throne of Glass copies [and props for them for having the most giveaways], an acquaintance and I were actually hoping to snag an ARC of Crown of Midnight so we were kind of just sketchily hanging around the Bloomsbury booth until asked if they happened to have any ARCs left because I saw on the display and the Bloomsbury people were like “CHECK TWITTER FOR A HINT!!!” and we were like “Uhh okay?” and found out to get an ARC you had to say what the name of Calaena’s dog was. After much desperate googling, we found out that the dog’s name was Fleetfloot in which I tenatively went up to the Bloomsbury people and say “Uhh is it Fleetfoot?” and they were like “YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!! :D” and presented us with a copy each from a hidden stash. Best BEA experience by far ever. 

A friend also managed to snag an ARC of Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Dream Thieves” and said she would lent me her copy [Bless her kind soul.] 


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